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May 30, 2011


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I love your photos and I cannot wait to have you shoot my wedding soon :)

Sonnet Gunter

I would drive across the country for you! You are both so talented!


We're due for family photos this summer...would love to have you do them! :)

DeAnne Peterson

Hey you guys! Your site is so great! I love it :) We need new fam pics too!!! Hope I win!

Rachel Berry

Holy cats your new site is Bananas!!! I love it! She did an amazing job! We need family pictures it's been almost 7 years!!!


Tanner Newton

Wow I just love your photos, their so beautiful. You have such meaning and love in each shot its just wonderful. I love each and everyone and wish I could have just a little of the knowledge that you have when taking photos. Way to go on the site its very well set up. Congrats

Eden White

Love it-- especially the colors!!!

Karin Knapp

I love the looks of your new website! Very impressive! And I would love to win a photo shoot :) My family is very due for one!!


your site is dahling dahlings! if you guys just happen to bring your cameras to the family reunion and accidentally snap a shot or two of my little family while we are there, i won't be mad. just sayin'.

Irene Grendel

You're photos are simply amazing! =)


Love the new site!! Cool. We'd take family photos again or grad party pictures. You guys are awesome.


Love the new site! So bright and happy- I love the lens you view the world through and am so grateful you captured our daughters wedding day with your unique views. <3 your new site and you, both!

Holly Ridings

Love the new site! looks awesome!


Oh, sign me up for the giveaway. I have a mom/daughters shoot in mind (my mom and her daughters . . .)


I've always loved looking through your photos - you do such amazing and beautiful work. I'm crossing my fingers that I win - I have three children and a husband - and three bunnies! - that I would love for you to capture on film! Oh, and your new site is fantastic!

Shawna Sampson

A co-worker introduced me to your work & I love it! I love that your images aren't posed and capture real moments. My (as of January) fiance and I need pictures badly. He's super camera shy & we don't have ANY pics together yet - and it's been 5 years!


Love your new website! I can't wait to see more photos!


I love looking at your pictures! They are so incredible! Spokane is blessed to have such talented photographers!


Just came across your website from Spokane Bride Blog... amazing work! I am definately going to have to book a session in the near future! Glad I found this!

Lexi Plumb

I love the pics you took for my sister Kaylyn! I would love to have you do my engagement pictures. :) You two are amazing and so much fun to work with.


So excited to meet with you guys soon! And LOVE that we have a "peculiar" name in common...Love the new site!


Wahooo! The site is gorgeous! I'd never pass up an opportunity to have you guys take pics for me and my fam.


I love your website and your pictures are amazing! hugs, rachel

Rebecca Caridad

Yay! I would love to win a photo shoot with you two!



How beautiful. I love the site!

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